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there are several reasons couples may turn to egg donation. they include:

– diminished ovarian reserve

– premature menopause

– genetic diseases you don’t want to pass onto your child

– multiple failed ivf cycles with poor embryo quality 

all our egg donors go through a rigorous physical and mental screening process discussing family medical history, genetics and much more. you can be assured that with frozen egg donors, they have passed all of this screening. because you don’t have to worry about the basics, you can focus on other qualities that may be important to you. some criteria you might think about include:

– appearance: height, hair color, eye color. many people using donor eggs are interested in physical features that match their own.

– personal background: education, personality, career. does this donor egg match your personality and interests?

– background: ethnic, religious. many people are interested in backgrounds that match their own.

we are working on partnering with various egg donor agencies that have a large selection of donated frozen eggs in storage. whatever your preference, we have a large network of healthy egg donors that want to help you on your path to parenthood.