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Let's help you get pregnant fast

Conceive within the next two months

Tips to get pregnant

Undergo a fertility assessment with us to understand your potential to conceive.

For heterosexual couples, have regular unprotected sex and lay horizontal for 10-15 minutes after.

De-stress and relax in any way that you can, as stress can negatively impact your ovulation.

Live a healthy and active lifestyle, but avoid over exercising as it can cause you not to ovulate. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and try to curb your caffeine intake.

See a Mate Fertility physician as soon as possible, as you may be experiencing infertility which can be easily treated with medications, IUI, or IVF.

Start taking prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid which helps promote ovulation and fetal development.


Increase your chance of getting pregnant with IVF

of people undergoing IVF will take home a baby after at least 3 cycles, with success increasing more after each cycle.
of genetic abnormalities will be screened out via genetic testing or PGT-A, resulting in more normal embryos to transfer.

How fast can I be seen at Mate Fertility?

Get pregnant faster with our streamlined process that takes you from dreaming to carrying in as little as a two months.

Our physicians keep their schedules blocked to accommodate your availability and we take care of all the lab testing during your initial visit.

We make a recommendation, book your follow-up visits, and order your meds in quick succession. There are no unnecessary tests, steps, or hoops we make you jump through here.