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Outside Monitoring


We understand that patients may be doing their IVF cycles at other clinics in different cities, states, or even countries. It’s your right to decide where you feel most comfortable receiving care. However, if you don’t live near your clinic, traveling back and forth can be exhausting and expensive. In order to make care more accessible to everyone, we offer outside monitoring services at all our centers.

That means you’ll only need to travel to your clinic for your egg retrieval and embryo transfer, we can do the rest. IVF treatment requires a lot of visits to the doctor for blood and ultrasounds. We’re happy to help monitor you during your IVF cycle, even if you aren’t getting primary treatment with us. We can complete any orders your doctor sends over and report results back to them.

If you’re interested in Mate performing your outside monitoring please give us a call.

Important OM Information

Here are the key labs for monitoring, each lab costs $105. Keep in mind, there’s a $35 fee for each draw, regardless of the specific hormone. We can provide same day results on these labs.

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • LH
  • HCG Quant

You can have other labs drawn at the same cost, depending on what your doctor orders, but we will not have the results until the next day.

We also offer the following services, which might be needed at various times during your monitoring. Your doctor would be the one to order these and we will send the results to them.

  • Ultrasound-$263
  • Sonohysterogram-$525

Please reach out to us if you’re interested in being monitored at Mate by giving us a call. Click here to be connected to one of our experts now.

Who needs outside monitoring?

Outside monitoring is specifically for patients who are receiving primary care at another center but don’t live near that clinic. You may be traveling for your egg retrieval and embryo transfer but it doesn’t make sense logistically to travel to your primary clinic every few days. Outside monitoring can also be for gestational carriers who live near one of our clinics, but not near the intended parents, or egg donors who similarly live near a Mate center. We can provide outside monitoring for all the above mentioned cases and more.

Why would I need outside monitoring?

Before your egg retrieval happens, there is a lot of monitoring that must be done to ensure the best possible outcome. Monitoring appointments happen every few days and provide crucial information such as:

  • If you are ready to begin your IVF cycle
  • How your body is responding to the stimulation medications
  • If your medication dosages need to be adjusted
  • Your follicle sizes and growth during stimulation
  • When you are ready to have your retrieval

We will send all your results back to your clinic so your team can coordinate care. Monitoring is key to having a successful stimulation. We need to ensure you’re getting the right dosages of medications for follicle growth. Monitoring is key to your well-being and makes sure you don’t get too much medication, and confirms you won’t ovulate prematurely, which could result in no mature eggs. We want to give you the best shot at making the most mature eggs!