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Oklahoma City, OK Fertility Clinic

Mate Fertility Building

Welcome to Mate Fertility
Oklahoma City.

Tucked between the charming neighborhoods of Warr Acres and Nichols Hills, our flagship location stands as a pinnacle of modern fertility care. This state-of-the-art clinic showcases a cutting-edge embryology lab, setting the standard for innovation in the city. The contemporary elegance of our building is matched only by the breadth of reproductive services we offer. Under the guidance of the brilliant and compassionate Dr. Shaurin Patel, our dedicated team provides a range of services, including IVF, genetic screening, and egg freezing. With a warm and welcoming care team, we’re thrilled to accompany you on this extraordinary journey.


Oklahoma City, OK

3427 NW 50th Street

Mate Fertility Success Rates

After completing rigorous fertility training and establishing Mate Fertility OKC, Dr. Patel’s success rates have consistently surpassed the national average.  In the United States, the average IVF pregnancy rate hovers around 30%, while Mate Fertility OKC averages roughly 60%. Our exceptional success rates are attributed to the collaborative ethos of the Mate business model, coupled with the remarkable expertise and care provided by Dr. Patel, who diligently tends to each and every patient. (Success rates as of May 2024)

How about your nurse
being only a text away?

New patients: 855-508-MATE

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)

Oklahoma's most affordable IVF

Experience the highest level of infertility care through our gold standard approach. IVF boasts unparalleled success rates compared to other treatments. Depending on your test results, an IVF cycle might be the recommended path. This intricate process involves stimulating your ovaries to produce eggs, followed by a retrieval procedure. For more details, explore here. Elevate your journey with Mate Fertility, where Oklahoma’s most affordable IVF awaits.

Dr. Patel's patients love him

Everything was clear

Our IVF experience was wonderful and successful. Everything was clear and laid out for us and cheaper than other clinics we had been to.


Nurse was a text away

We had an amazing and successful experience with Mate Fertility! From the scheduling department to the Front Desk Staff to the Nurses, Phlebotomist, Embryologist and Dr. Patel. He is awesome and very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing! Staff is very efficient! Nursing being a text and phone call away made the process so much better! We are very thankful for this clinic!

Bobbi Jo

Top notch

MATE - Dr. Patel, Stephanie, Myra, the embryologist- are all top notch.


Spanish speaking

Anais answers the phone and let me tell you she was so professional and very knowledgeable, every question my wife and I asked she had the answer to. My wife is Spanish speaking and just our luck Anais was also which made it even easier on me trying to translate all the medical terms. She made my wife and I so comfortable, it felt like she was on our side and genuinely wanted to help us build our family and not just trying to sell us on fertility.


Always feel reassured and confident

The staff at Mate Fertility have been fantastic. They thoroughly explain the process and are by your side through every step of the journey. Our IVF coordinator, Stephanie, is always available and will answer questions day or night so you always feel reassured and confident in what is happening. Thanks Mate!


Easy to follow

Dr. Patel and his team know what they are doing and make sure everything goes smoothly. They put together an easy to follow calendar so medications are taken correctly.


Always kind

Mate was the first and only clinic that I felt actually tried to help us get pregnant. The staff was always kind and helpful. I can’t say enough positive and thankful things about this clinic.


Entire staff is wonderful and compassionate

The entire staff is wonderful, compassionate, and extremely helpful! I would recommend anyone I know to Dr. Patel and his team. Lori was my virtual nurse and she was always very responsive. She always answered all of my questions (there were many!) and was super friendly, positive, and helpful! Couldn’t imagine a place being better than Mate Fertility.


Able to explain A-Z

I actually had my husband make the first call to Mate Fertility and they were able to explain to him the A-Z about how this fertility stuff works.


Absolutely wonderful

From the beginning communication-scheduling-payment has all been clear. No surprises costs or anything unexpected. The staff has an amazing team and are always so nice and helpful.Stephanie and Lori were always there on call ready for any questions or concerns. I wish I could stay with them through the whole pregnancy, but I am so grateful for what they do and hope they realize how much their work matters. Infertility is a club that no one wants to be a part of so it helps when you have a team of people that make it “easier” to go through and are there for you. Thank you mate fertility!


Pleasant experience

I had a really pleasant experience here. The office is clean and the staff worked efficiently.


Made our dreams come true

Dr. Patel and staff at Mate have all been phenomenal and truly have made our dreams come true. The process was streamlined and we knew exactly what to expect. When my wife had some complications, they got us on the schedule quickly. I would recommend Mate to any and everyone looking to start a family. I can’t say enough good things. Thanks again Dr. Patel for making our every dream come true.


We will be back

We are so grateful to the entire staff for their knowledge and for walking with us every step of the way. We will be back to continue growing our family and I have no doubt we are in great hands.


Brought our bundle of joy

Egg retrieval and transfer are quick, painless, and done correctly. Ivf with ICSI- fresh transfer was the way to go for us and it brought us our bundle of joy.


Less expensive

Our experience with Mate Fertility has been a great success!! Everyone is so friendly, helpful and excited for you every step of the way. Very happy with our time here. Also is less expensive than most other clinics which helped us get where we are today.


Wonderfully supportive place

The love, patience, excitement and assistance from each person involved in our process had made the process extra special. This is a wonderfully supportive place to face a very uncertain time.


Invested in my success

I only have positive things to say about everyone at Mate! I went other places before going to Mate and I felt like an actual person there. The staff knew who I was, they called me by name, and I felt as though they were all invested in my success. I had great experiences with all nurses and staff.



Our experience with Mate Fertility has been amazing! The entire staff is friendly, knew me by name when I walked in the door, consistently showed kindness, and have successfully helped us start our family.


Quickly got us in

Finding Mate was such a blessing for us. They quickly got us in, found a diagnosis, and began IVF immediately. They are up to date with current research & technology. The staff knows us by name when we come in and the coordinator, Stephanie, answered emails & calls no matter the time of day. They made it possible for us to start a family


No surprise expenses

The staff is amazing and truly cares about their patients. They always took the time to answer all my questions and never rushed me. Everything was really affordable and we didn’t have any surprise expenses.


We're not like other fertility clinics

Expert fertility care, affordable rates.

Mate is committed to making fertility care attainable and affordable for all. Our expert team values your well-being, and our pricing model is designed to be budget-friendly. No more fee-for-service confusion – our all-inclusive packages cover everything you need, and we’re proud to offer rates that are approximately 30% less than what you’ll find at other clinics.

Getting you a baby on your timeline

At Mate, we’re dedicated to your goal of starting a family. We prioritize effective solutions and won’t burden you with needless tests or procedures. Our recommended path for infertility care typically leads to IVF, the most effective treatment to get you a baby as expeditiously as you choose.


Transparent and caring support team

Mate Fertility emerged to address the scarcity of clinics and providers, countering the impersonal approach of legacy clinics. Our mission revolves around elevating patient experiences. We are committed to delivering the highest quality, transparency, and unmatched warmth in a clinical setting.

Are you ready for your future family to start here?

3427 NW 50th Street

Mate Fertility is located on the second floor, accessible by stairs or elevator, inside the SNP medical complex and provides complimentary parking for all guests in front of the building. The clinic is hard to miss!


You can give us a call anytime, but clinic hours are 8am-5pm cst. If someone isn’t available to take your call, please leave a message and it will be directed to the appropriate team member. You can also reach us at


Reserve your spot for a free advisory session with a Mate Fertility expert. Get all your questions answered and obtain a detailed understanding of the Mate process.


Our advisor will schedule an in-person visit with Dr. Patel. During this appointment, you’ll undergo initial testing and discuss your medical history. This will help us create a personalized treatment plan for you.


Following your test results, Dr. Patel will design a custom treatment plan, accessible through your patient portal. Next, you’ll discuss your treatment journey with our financial counselor.

Your Mate OKC team

Mate Fetility and M50 Med Spa

Dr. Shaurin Patel

Fertility Provider

Dr. Shaurin Patel, MD, FACOG, is a skilled OB-GYN and fertility provider who specializes in women’s health issues at all stages of life, from prenatal care to menopause.

Dr. Patel earned his medical degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. He interned in general surgery at Wayne State University in Detroit, then ventured to the East Coast for an obstetrics and gynecology internship at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, New York. Finally, he completed his residency while serving as a Chief Resident in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Camden.

Upon returning to the Sooner State, Dr. Patel joined a multi-specialty group in Mcalester, where he served as the Chair of obstetrics and pediatrics for two years. He is board certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Dr. Patel is a father of three beautiful girls with whom he is sharing his love of golf.  He is a foodie and considers himself an amateur sushi chef and an iron chef of all things microwaveable.  He also enjoys reading and spending time with his daughters, who love playing dress up and hair salon. Dr. Patel has come to love this phase in his daughters’ lives where he is a hero for simply kissing a tear away (but mainly it’s the bandaids, hundreds and hundreds of princess-themed bandaids).

Above all, Dr. Patel aims to help turn patients into parents so that they too can experience the same bond and joy he has come to know as a proud father. Besides, who wouldn’t want to dress up as a bumble bee with a two-year-old on halloween, or use years of fine-tuned suturing skills to patch up barbie’s countless outfits?

Together with the support of leading experts in fertility medicine and a staff that takes the time to know their patients, Dr. Patel welcomes you to Mate Fertility OKC. We can’t wait to meet you!

Mate Fetility and M50 Med Spa
John Graves Baseball Card

John Graves


John grew up in California and Oklahoma. After developing a passion for baseball, he played at Oklahoma City University where he earned his BS in Chemistry. John then went on to pitch in the Texas Rangers Minor League system for 2 years. When his baseball career was finished he began working in his first laboratory position in 1991 as an Andrologist. For the past 30 years, working within the same infertility program, at Oklahoma University, John has gained experience in andrology, embryology, office management, and web design. He is always striving to find ways to make a better embryo.

John has 3 children (two of which were conceived by assisted reproduction) and two grandchildren. John and his wife have been married for 19 years and make their home in the country where he enjoys his newly developed skill of tractor work.

As the dad of two teenage daughters, John spends his free time watching TikTok dances, serving as an unpaid uber, and being a volleyball team dad. John loves all things Disney, enjoys watching sports, and can be found tearing up during sappy commercials. John is excited to be a part of the Mate Fertility team, and joined Mate Fertility because he wanted to be a part of truly forward thinking fertility company, aiming to actually make care more affordable and accessible.

Mate Fetility and M50 Med Spa

Mayra Solis


Mayra is a mom of two children ages 10 and 3 and also has step child age 8. She just had another little one in February. Mayra enjoys bowling, arcades and quick weekend vacations with her family. She spends her weekends at the soccer fields stuffing her face with all types of Latin foods, from Mexican street tacos to Salvadoran pupusas.

Mayra has been working in the medical field since she was 15 as a receptionist on Saturdays to make extra money to help her parents. She has been working with Dr. Patel since May 2018. Her role at the office is greeting every patient when they come in, taking IDs and making sure all their portal information is filled out. She also takes incoming calls and transfers calls to the nurses when needed.

Mayra speaks Spanish and helps translate for patients that only speak Spanish to help them communicate with our nurses and Dr.Patel. It’s vital to make sure everything is understood and everyone is on the same page. Mayra helps collect outstanding balances and posts them to the right patient account. In addition to being the first person you meet when you come into the Mate clinic, Mayra will help schedule all your subsequent monitoring and procedure appointments. She also faxes referrals to Urologists and OB-GYNs, and scans every document for patient charts.

The Mate Difference

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Comprehensive Fertility Hub

We’re with you every step of your fertility journey, providing advice, answers, and medications. Our comprehensive range of advanced reproductive treatments (A.R.T) ensures all your needs are covered.

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Affordable Pricing

Over time, the scarcity and high demand allowed legacy fertility clinics to raise prices. By expanding the availability of fertility clinics and disrupting conventional pricing approaches, Mate treatments cost up to 30% less than those of traditional clinics.

pink van illustration

Convenient Access

Around 20% of people experience infertility, while the U.S. only has 440 fertility clinics. This inconvenience is why we’re bringing clinics to real, local American cities.

Mission Driven

Our mission is clear: enhance accessibility to affordable fertility care. Every action we take reflects this commitment, with transparent details and pricing, a streamlined process, and expert guidance. By reducing the cost of IVF and opening clinics nearby, we’re eliminating barriers to starting your family.


Mate Fertility OKC is located inside the SNP medical complex and provides complimentary parking for all guests in front of the building. 

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