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Questions about Mate Fertility?
  • Which fertility treatment is right for me?

    We recommend getting a Fertility Assessment from a Mate clinician and scheduling a New Patient Consult to discuss your treatment options. That’s the best way to know which treatment will work best for your body. Get started today by speaking with a fertility expert for free!

  • How long until I get pregnant?

    Time to pregnancy depends on your choice of treatment. We’re committed to helping patients reach their family goals, and as part of that commitment, Mate Fertility can schedule your appointment with a clinician ASAP. On average, we schedule New Patient Consults 1-2 weeks in advance, as compared to other clinics that may have a wait of several months. For context on treatment, these start after your fertility assessment, and the average frozen IVF cycle takes 12-14 weeks and the typical fresh IVF cycle takes about 4-8 weeks.

  • Do I have to schedule a New Patient Consult and/or start treatment after a Fertility Assessment?

    No. Our Fertility Assessment helps you understand (from the perspective of a clinician) where your fertility stands. Most of our patients choose to schedule a New Patient Consult after receiving their Fertility Assessment to understand their potential treatment options, but the choice is yours! We know that some patients want to understand where their fertility stands months or even years before ever trying to get pregnant. Mate is for everyone regardless of where you are in your fertility journey. 

  • What are Mate's pregnancy success rates in the clinic?

    In 2023, we had a 54% clinical pregnancy rate. That means 54% of all of our IVF transfers got our patients pregnant successfully.

  • Does Mate accept egg donation or sperm donation?

    No. If you’d like to donate sperm, we recommend exploring California Cryobank, Fairfax Cryobank, or Seattle Sperm Bank. If you’d like to donate eggs, we recommend exploring My Egg Bank, World Egg Bank, Fairfax Egg Bank, or Donor Egg Bank USA

  • Is Mate covered by insurance?

    During your upfront Fertility Assessment, Mate does accept insurance for your initial blood work. After that, Mate is a cash pay clinic and not able to directly accept insurance. We have a lot of great options to help you afford treatment, including multiple financing partners who can help you spread the cost of care over time. We also accept FSA or HSA. See here for more details on financing options. Most insurance plans in Oklahoma and Texas do not cover fertility care, but if yours does, we can speak with you about how you may be able to submit invoices after care for reimbursement.

  • Does Mate accept HSA or FSA?

    Yes, Mate accepts both HSA and FSA funds and can provide you an itemized receipt upon request.

  • Do you offer affordable payment plans?

    Yes, Mate offers financing for fertility assessments through Affirm, Afterpay and Klarna. Mate offers financing for fertility treatments (including IVF, IUI, and medications) through Sunfish and CapexMD. See here for more information.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    Mate accepts cash, credit or debit card, or checks for payment. Mate also has financial lending partners, who can help you spread the cost of treatment over time.

  • I have another question.

    Call us at 1-855-508-MATE (6283) and we’d be happy to answer.