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how it works

making the path to parenthood easy, comfortable, and straightforward.

your path
to parenthood
is in your hands.

get started in three easy steps


schedule your appointment and gain access to your patient portal.


keep tabs on your progress with your doctor, right from home or virtually through mate tele-fertility.


schedule appointments, coordinate prescriptions, and chat in real time with your care team 24/7.

at mate, we’re different on paper. and in practice.

better results start with a better approach.

a one stop fertility shop.

mate is your partner from the very beginning of your fertility journey. whether it’s providing answers, advice, or medication training, our team of experts will be here for you every step of the way, whether it’s in clinic or virtually via mate tele-fertility and because of our affordable rates, simple processes, and convenient access, you won’t have to worry about shopping around for fertility clinics. your path to parenthood starts here.

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affordable pricing.

we believe fertility care should be for all, not just the 1%. our prices have been painstakingly created to ensure that we are providing you with the best in class treatment at the lowest out of pocket cost to you. we want to work together to make your dream of becoming a parent a reality. 

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mission, not profit driven.

at mate, we believe:

  • becoming a parent shouldn’t take a PhD or a small fortune.
  • preserving your options shouldn’t get in the way of your career.
  • it shouldn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe.
  • the path to parenthood should be straightforward.
  • the best science should be available to the most people.
  • the clinic should be down the road, not a world away.
  • the journey should be simple, clear, and even enjoyable.

this is how we’re turning fertility into a reality for everyone.

a team of providers vs. one provider.

we get that fertility comes with a lot of questions, anxiety, and uncertainty. that’s why we apply an entire, dedicated team of experts to your treatment. whether it’s additional advice or an extra set of eyes, you’ll have a network of local providers, nurses, award-winning doctors, and experts by your side during the entire journey. 

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decades of proprietary techniques.

at mate, our team brings decades of experience to the fertility field. in fact, dr. steinberg and dr. schmidt were some of the first doctors to bring ivf to the united states over 30 years ago. today, they’re applying proprietary techniques both in the doctor’s office and the lab to make sure embryos have the highest likelihood of survival. it’s these years of applied experience that leads to increased success rates. we’re here to start your family right, right from the start.

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technology-powered care.

you won’t find fax machines, paper, and legacy lab equipment here, something many fertility clinics can’t claim. we’re putting the latest technology at the heart of everything we do, especially when it comes to patient experience. this means shorter wait times, centralized data, and industry-leading patient care along the way. families are complicated. starting one shouldn’t be.

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an e-pharmacy support and easy medication delivery.

our pharmacy partners deliver all of your fertility medications directly to your door, but that’s just the start. they’re always on call, along with our mate fertility advisors, to discuss any medication concerns or questions about your protocol. at mate, making ivf as simple as abc.

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world class labs.

assisted reproductive technology has changed a lot over the years. so has the lab equipment and machinery. while most fertility clinics haven’t kept up with the times, every one of our labs is custom built from the ground up with the most advanced and modern technology available. because fertility issues aren’t a big deal, but they’re also a huge deal.

convenient access.

nearly 20% of the time, it takes more than two people to make a baby, and there are only 480 total fertility clinics in the U.S. talk about inconvenience! you can find mate fertility clinics in cities and towns across the country. so instead of driving (or even flying) for hours to seek treatment, you can always find one of our convenient locations close to home. your fertility clinic should be down the road, not a world away.

care at mate
isn’t stressful.
it’s simple.

fertility comes with lots of questions. good thing we’ve got lots of answers.

bring on the questions.

  • is mate covered by insurance?

    we believe infertility is a medical diagnosis that should be covered, no matter what. unfortunately, many providers don’t agree with us. some offer little to no coverage. others only cover diagnostic testing. some insurance providers may completely cover medication or one full round of ivf. in short, there’s no easy answer except for this: we promise to work with your provider to make sure absolutely everything that should be covered, actually is.

  • how much does mate really cost?

    every person’s fertility journey is different, but our philosophy is the same: to always be transparent and fair with our prices. no matter how many rounds of treatment or hurdles along the way, we’ll be clear with you, no matter what. typically our prices are 40% lower than any other clinic in the us because we put patients over profits. 

  • how long until i get pregnant?

    an average ivf cycle takes about 6-8 weeks from consultation to transfer. if you’re using a gestational carrier or surrogate, this time may increase. an average cycle timeline looks something like this: 

    day 1: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 2: (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 3: (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 4: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 5: (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 6: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 7: (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 8: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 9: (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 10: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation) 

    day 11: trigger shot

    day 12:

    day 13: fertilization & egg retrieval 

    day 14: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 15: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 16: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 17: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 18: transfer or pgt on frozen embryo 

    day 19-33: two week wait

    day 33: pregnancy test

  • which fertility treatment is right for me?

    determining the right treatment for you can seem daunting. we get it. that’s why we create a personalized plan after your first assessment and consultation. you can also take our basic online assessment for free to get an insight into what path might be right for you. 

  • does mate accept hsa or fsa?

    of course! many health care plans provided through the workplace have a health savings account (hsa) or flexible spending account (fsa) attached to them. these accounts allow you to contribute money from your paycheck into accounts that can be used for medical costs not covered by insurance. if you don’t have or don’t know how to set up an hsa follow these steps below to get started.

    – research hsa providers online. use hsa comparison websites, like hsa search, to help narrow your search.

    – check with your health insurance company to see if they partner with hsa financial institutions.

    – ask your bank if they offer an hsa option that meets your needs.

  • how does mate work?

    mate takes a personal, customized approach to fertility. after your free virtual advisor session, we’ll pair you with a doctor who will perform your fertility assessment and do the appropriate diagnostic testing. the price of the assessment depends on what testing we need to do on you and your partner. if mate fertility is right for you, we’ll create a personal path moving forward.