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How it Works

Simplifying the journey to parenthood for effortless clarity and ease

Your path
to parenthood
begins at Mate

Easy as 1, 2, 3


Easy online scheduling for a virtual care navigator visit on the same day or next


Effortlessly track your treatment and medications via your patient portal, staying in sync with your care team.


Conveniently book appointments, manage prescriptions, live chat with your care team, and stay linked to your nurse round the clock.

Defying expectations on paper, and surpassing them in action

Better results start with a better approach.

A one stop fertility shop

From the outset of your fertility journey, Mate is your unwavering companion. Whether it’s offering insights, guidance, or medication expertise, our team of specialists offer support at every turn. With our cost-effective rates, streamlined processes, transparent pricing, and convenient access, you won’t have to worry about shopping around for doctors. Your path to parenthood kicks off here.

Affordable pricing

We’re committed to democratizing fertility care, increasing access beyond the privileged few. Our thoughtfully designed pricing structure ensures exceptional treatment while keeping your out-of-pocket costs lower than other centers. Join us in turning your dream of parenthood into a reality.

Mission driven

At Mate, we believe that parenthood shouldn’t require a PhD or substantial wealth. It should be an accessible journey for all, regardless of identity, location, or beliefs. Our mission is to simplify the path to parenthood, bringing the best science available to the most people. We envision clinics nearby, not distant. Your journey should be uncomplicated, transparent, and even pleasurable. This is our vision for making fertility a reality for everyone.

Team of providers vs. solo provider

We empathize with the complexities, anxieties, and uncertainties that fertility entails. That’s why we offer a comprehensive team of dedicated experts, including national and local providers, nurses, distinguished reproductive endocrinologists, and specialists. Throughout your journey, we ensure you have unwavering support, guidance, and insights.

Techniques perfected over decades

At Mate, our team boasts 100+ years of collective fertility expertise. We leverage proprietary techniques in both clinical practice and lab settings, ensuring optimal embryo viability. Our wealth of hands-on experience directly contributes to our higher success rates. From the very beginning, your journey to starting a family is our priority.

Technology-enabled care.

Gone are the days of fax machines, paper trails, and old school lab equipment– a claim not many fertility clinics can make. We’re infusing cutting-edge technology into every facet of Mate, with a spotlight on elevating the patient experience. We promise shorter wait times, streamlined data, and the highest standard of patient care. While families are complex, starting one shouldn’t be.

Streamlined E-pharmacy and effortless medication delivery

Our esteemed pharmacy partners ensure the delivery of your essential fertility medications to your doorstep. They stand ready to address medication inquiries, complemented by the expertise of our Mate Care Navigators and dedicated nursing team, ensuring all your concerns and questions about your protocol are met with expert guidance.

State-of-the-art labs

Assisted reproductive technology and lab equipment have seen remarkable evolution over the years. In contrast to many outdated fertility clinics, our labs are brand new and meticulously designed from the ground up, incorporating the utmost advanced technology. The heart of our success lies in this commitment to innovation, recognizing that the lab is the place where true magic happens.

Convenient availability

In nearly 20% of cases, it takes more than two people to make a baby. Yet, with only 440 fertility clinics across the U.S., inconvenience abounds. Mate Fertility is changing this landscape, with clinics slated to appear in cities nationwide. Say goodbye to arduous drives or flights for treatment – our conveniently located clinics will be within easy reach. Your fertility clinic should be a local resource, not a world away.

Care at Mate
isn’t stressful.
It’s simple.

Infertility comes with a lot of questions. Good thing we’ve got a lot of answers.

Bring on the questions.

  • Is Mate covered by insurance?

    Currently mate is a cash pay clinic, but we are working to explore insurance options. We are significantly more affordable than legacy clinics but we believe infertility is a medical diagnosis that should be covered. Unfortunately, many insurance providers don’t agree with us. Some offer little to no coverage, while others only cover diagnostic testing. Some insurance providers may completely cover medication or one full round of IVF. In short, there’s no easy answer, but we’ve found that many people with terrific insurance end up getting very little covered regardless.

  • How much does Mate really cost?

    Every person’s fertility journey is different, but our philosophy is the same: to always be transparent and fair with our prices. No matter how many rounds of treatment or hurdles along the way, we’ll be clear with you, no matter what. Typically our prices are about 30% lower than any other clinic because we put patients first.

  • How long until i get pregnant?

    An average fresh IVF cycle takes about 6-8 weeks from consultation to transfer. The few weeks before your IVF cycle begins will be used for testing. If you’re using a gestational carrier or surrogate, this time may increase. An average fresh cycle timeline (not including pre-testing) looks something like this:

    Day 1: Ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    Day 2: (Ovarian stimulation)

    Day 3: (Ovarian stimulation)

    Day 4: Ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    Day 5: (Ovarian stimulation)

    Day 6: Ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    Day 7: (Ovarian stimulation)

    Day 8: Ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    Day 9: (Ovarian stimulation)

    Day 10: Ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    Day 11: Trigger shot

    Day 12: Wait

    Day 13: Fertilization & egg retrieval

    Day 14: Embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    Day 15: Embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    Day 16: Embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    Day 17: Embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    Day 18: Transfer or PGT-A on frozen embryo

    Day 19-33: Two week wait

    Day 33: Pregnancy test

    If you’re doing a frozen transfer, which we will recommend in most cases, the time between your egg retrieval and embryo transfer can be a few weeks, months, or even years. Regardless, it’s better to give your body some time to rest after your retrieval before getting ready to receive an embryo.

  • Which fertility treatment is right for me?

    Determining the right treatment for you can seem daunting. We get it, that’s why we create a personalized plan after your assessment, testing and consultation. It wouldn’t be right for us to recommend a treatment before we have all the proper information. You can also take our basic online quiz for free to get an insight into what path might be right for you. (Emphasis on the might, this quiz is not a clinical diagnosing tool)

  • Does Mate accept HSA or FSA?

    Of course! Many health care plans provided through the workplace have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) attached to them. These accounts allow you to contribute money from your paycheck into accounts that can be used for medical costs not covered by insurance. If you don’t have one or don’t know how to set up an HSA follow these steps below to get started.

    • Research HSA providers online. Use HSA comparison websites, like HSA search, to help narrow your inquiry.
    • Check with your health insurance company to see if they partner with HSA financial institutions.
    • Ask your bank if they offer an HSA option that meets your needs.
  • How does Mate work?

    Mate takes a personalized, customized approach to fertility. After your free virtual session with a care navigator, we’ll pair you with a doctor who will perform your fertility assessment and do the appropriate diagnostic testing. The price of the assessment is about $750. If mate fertility is right for you, we’ll create a personalized plan moving forward. You will get introduced to your RN fertility coordinator and have a meeting with a Mate financial counselor. You will be able to discuss financing options or pay for treatment with the counselor. We also give you your nurses phone number so you can call or text whenever you need.

    Your nurse and doctor will review your plan and then order your medications. Once your meds arrive you will have very specific instructions on what and how to take your meds. Every couple days you will come in to the clinic for labs and scans. Once you’ve been on meds for about two weeks you give yourself a trigger shot. Exactly 36 hours after that shot is when you come in for your egg retrieval, done under anesthesia. Your eggs go straight into the IVF lab where they are either frozen or turned into embryos and then frozen. You will be get a report on your eggs or embryos. Once you’re ready, you come back in for an embryo transfer. If you have additional questions, feel free to give us a call at 855-508-6283.