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How it Works

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IVF, IUI, Egg Freezing, Embryo Screening, and more all under one roof.

Speak with an expert fertility care advisor today at no cost to get started and learn how Mate can help you get pregnant fast.

What Do We Do?

Affordable Fertility Care: Robust fertility treatment packages ranging from IVF to genetic testing, at reasonable & transparent prices.

Short Wait Times: No more waiting months for your first appointment. Get pregnant as quickly as possible by completing your Fertility Assessment upfront & seeing the doctor right after.

Compassionate Care: We treat you with respect & kindness; your nurse is only a text away. It’s time to feel good about your care team.

How Do We Do It?

Simplified Process: After your Fertility Assessment, your Mate doctor provides a detailed treatment recommendation. Once you’re ready to go, we order your meds & begin treatment.

Cutting-edge Technology: Newly built embryology labs with best-in-class equipment provide the ideal environment for embryo development.

Over Communication: We prioritize communicating updates & results. On-demand messaging to your care team helps eliminate worries.

What Are The Results?

Happy Patients with Babies: Our success is your happiness. We help create healthy families everyday.

Save Money: Give your family a better start & future by saving money on your fertility treatment.

High Success Rates: Our pregnancy rates are consistently well above the national average, meaning we’re helping more people have more babies.

The Mate Difference
Mate Fertility is different because of our comprehensive care, affordable pricing and loan options, next day appointment availability, technology empowered care, our high success rates and we open clinics in your neighborhood.