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a fertility solution that's
comprehensive and easy (for a change).

your fertility journey starts here.

we’re a group of fertility doctors making the path to parenthood less complicated, less expensive, and a lot more accessible. and we’re doing it with an always-available network of fertility centers run by experts who care, a branded experience that brings all resources under one roof, state-of-the-art treatments clearly explained and easily kept track of, and services delivered in a positive, warm environment.

bringing a human into the world shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

mate pay

get convenient, monthly payments through our financing partners. although our procedures are significantly more affordable than traditional clinics, many patients still need assistance, and that is okay. mate has negotiated the best possible rates in the market for you.

everything you need to know and do.

three easy steps to get started

step one

book a consult with a mate fertility advisor.

step two

your advisor will book you an appointment with a doctor at a mate clinic.

step three

consult with your mate fertility medical team to create a personalized fertility plan.

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you're in
good company.

less labor.
more delivery.

  • is mate covered by insurance?

    we believe infertility is a medical diagnosis that should be covered, no matter what. unfortunately, many providers don’t agree with us. some offer little to no coverage. others only cover diagnostic testing. some insurance providers may completely cover medication or one full round of ivf. in short, there’s no easy answer except for this: we promise to work with your provider to make sure absolutely everything that should be covered, actually is.

  • how much does mate really cost?

    every person’s fertility journey is different, but our philosophy is the same: to always be transparent and fair with our prices. no matter how many rounds of treatment or hurdles along the way, we’ll be clear with you, no matter what. typically our prices are 40% lower than any other clinic in the us because we put patients over profits. 

  • how long until i get pregnant?

    an average ivf cycle takes about 6-8 weeks from consultation to transfer. if you’re using a gestational carrier or surrogate, this time may increase. an average cycle timeline looks something like this:

    day 1: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    day 2: (ovarian stimulation)

    day 3: (ovarian stimulation)

    day 4: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    day 5: (ovarian stimulation)

    day 6: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    day 7: (ovarian stimulation)

    day 8: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    day 9: (ovarian stimulation)

    day 10: ultrasound and bloodwork (ovarian stimulation)

    day 11: trigger shot

    day 12:

    day 13: fertilization & egg retrieval

    day 14: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 15: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 16: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 17: embryos culture in the lab for 5-6 days

    day 18: transfer or pgt on frozen embryo

    day 19-33: two week wait

    day 33: pregnancy test

  • which fertility treatment is right for me?

    determining the right treatment for you can seem daunting. we get it. that’s why we create a personalized plan after your first assessment and consultation. you can also take our basic online assessment for free to get an insight into what path might be right for you. 

  • does mate accept hsa or fsa?

    of course! many health care plans provided through the workplace have a health savings account (hsa) or flexible spending account (fsa) attached to them. these accounts allow you to contribute money from your paycheck into accounts that can be used for medical costs not covered by insurance. if you don’t have or don’t know how to set up an hsa follow these steps below to get started.

    – research hsa providers online. use hsa comparison websites, like hsa search, to help narrow your search.

    – check with your health insurance company to see if they partner with hsa financial institutions.

    – ask your bank if they offer an hsa option that meets your needs.

  • how does mate work?

    mate takes a personal, customized approach to fertility. after your free virtual advisor session, we’ll pair you with a doctor who will perform your fertility assessment and do the appropriate diagnostic testing. the price of the assessment depends on what testing we need to do on you and your partner. if mate fertility is right for you, we’ll create a personal path moving forward.