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Book a free call with an expert to get started

Mate's simple 4-step patient flow
Mate's simple 4-step patient flow

Mate offers 5 core treatments

Mate offers 5 core treatments

In-Clinic IUI

In-Clinic Egg Freezing

In-Clinic IVF

At-Home Timed Intercourse

At-Home Insemination

Customize your treatmentCustomize your treatment

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to our team. There are many packages we can customize that aren’t on this list including embryo freezing, single embryo transfers, transporting embryos or eggs, etc. If you can think of it, we can probably do it. We’re here to help!

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Wonderful and successful

Our IVF experience was wonderful and successful. Everything was clear and laid out for us and cheaper than other clinics we had been to.


Best place you can go

Mate Fertility is the absolute best place you can go if needing help with fertility. We struggled for 5 years and with their positive attitudes, hard work, knowledge, and support we successfully became their 1st pregnancy at the OKC location.


Top notch

The love, patience, excitement and assistance from each person involved in our process had made the process extra special.


Nurse was a text away

We had an amazing and successful experience with Mate Fertility! From the scheduling department to the Front Desk Staff to the Nurses, Phlebotomist, Embryologist and Dr. Patel. He is awesome and very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing! Staff is very efficient! Nursing being a text and phone call away made the process so much better! We are very thankful for this clinic!

Bobbi Jo

Actually tried to help

Mate was the first and only clinic that I felt actually tried to help us get pregnant. The staff was always kind and helpful. I can’t say enough positive and thankful things about this clinic.


Always feel reassured and confident

The staff at Mate Fertility have been fantastic. They thoroughly explain the process and are by your side through every step of the journey. Our IVF coordinator, Stephanie, is always available and will answer questions day or night so you always feel reassured and confident in what is happening. Thanks Mate!



They were able to explain to him the A-Z about how this fertility stuff works. I then had another call with them and it was insightful.


Less expensive

Our experience with Mate Fertility has been a great success!! Everyone is so friendly, helpful and excited for you every step of the way. Very happy with our time here. Also is less expensive than most other clinics which helped us get where we are today.


Entire staff is wonderful and compassionate

The entire staff is wonderful, compassionate, and extremely helpful! I would recommend anyone I know to Dr. Patel and his team. Lori was my virtual nurse and she was always very responsive. She always answered all of my questions (there were many!) and was super friendly, positive, and helpful! Couldn’t imagine a place being better than Mate Fertility.


Really pleasant experience

I had a really pleasant experience here. The office is clean and the staff worked efficiently.


Amazing experience

Our experience with Mate Fertility has been amazing! The entire staff is friendly, knew me by name when I walked in the door, consistently showed kindness, and helped us start our family. We are so grateful to the entire staff for their knowledge and for walking with us every step of the way.


Quickly got us in

Finding Mate was such a blessing for us. They quickly got us in, found a diagnosis, and began IVF immediately. They are up to date with current research & technology. The staff knows us by name when we come in and the coordinator, Stephanie, answered emails & calls no matter the time of day. They made it possible for us to start a family


Spanish speaking

Anais answers the phone and let me tell you she was so professional and very knowledgeable, every question my wife and I asked she had the answer to. My wife is Spanish speaking and just our luck Anais was also which made it even easier on me trying to translate all the medical terms. She made my wife and I so comfortable, it felt like she was on our side and genuinely wanted to help us build our family and not just trying to sell us on fertility.


No surprise expenses

The staff is amazing and truly cares about their patients. They always took the time to answer all my questions and never rushed me. Everything was really affordable and we didn’t have any surprise expenses.


Invested in my success

I only have positive things to say about everyone at Mate! I went other places before going to Mate and I felt like an actual person there. The staff knew who I was, they called me by name, and I felt as though they were all invested in my success. I had great experiences with all nurses and staff.


Absolutely wonderful

From the beginning communication-scheduling-payment has all been clear. No surprises costs or anything unexpected. The staff has an amazing team and are always so nice and helpful.Stephanie and Lori were always there on call ready for any questions or concerns. I wish I could stay with them through the whole pregnancy, but I am so grateful for what they do and hope they realize how much their work matters. Infertility is a club that no one wants to be a part of so it helps when you have a team of people that make it “easier” to go through and are there for you. Thank you mate fertility!


Made our dreams come true

Dr. Patel and staff at Mate have all been phenomenal and truly have made our dreams come true. The process was streamlined and we knew exactly what to expect. When my wife had some complications, they got us on the schedule quickly. I would recommend Mate to any and everyone looking to start a family. I can’t say enough good things. Thanks again Dr. Patel for making our every dream come true.


Don’t wait! Let us fast-track your family goals


Unlike other clinics that may make you wait months just to see a doctor, we prioritize your time. By completing your intake and fertility workup upfront we get your doctor the information they’ll need right away to recommend treatment that’s right for you.

Then, when you’re ready to proceed with treatment, we can start your treatment within weeks. Our streamlined process ensures efficiency without compromising on the quality of care.

Don’t let time be a barrier – book a call with one of our expert fertility advisors by clicking here, at no cost to you.

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IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF is a well-crafted, multi-step process. It begins with stimulation of your ovaries to yield multiple eggs, culminating in a retrieval procedure. For deeper insights into this process, dive into more detailed information available right here.

IVF stands tall with an exceptional success rate, surpassing other fertility treatments. Depending on your test results, we may recommend an IVF cycle.