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welcome to the most cost-effective fertility care in the country.

fertility treatment for up to 40% less than other providers

becoming a parent shouldn’t require a pHd or a small fortune
our prices have been painstakingly created to ensure that we are providing you with the
best in class treatment at the lowest out of pocket cost to you.
we want to work together to make your dream of becoming a parent a reality.

mate calculator

every path is unique, what’s yours?

freeze all cycle is a great choice for patients. in a freeze all cycle we will retrieve the eggs and fertilize them with your partner’s or donor sperm to create embryos. after 5-6 days of close monitoring, we will know which embryos have matured and then freeze those embryos for safekeeping and later use. 

included services

sonohysterogram ?
cycle monitoring and blood tests ?
ultrasound ?
sperm prep ?
anesthesia ?
egg retrieval ?
intracytoplasmic sperm injection (icsi) ?
extended culture of eggs / embryos ?
embryo creation ?
embryo freezing ?
embryo cryopreservation - 1st year storage free (+ $365 / year after) ?

additional services


medication estimate

$3,500 - $7,000
total to mate
additional cost
$ 0.00
medication estimate
estimated total

*cost of medication not included.

we offer a 10% discount for active duty military families and those with a cancer diagnosis if referred from an oncologist.

the $100 deposit taken at your mate advisor session is nonrefundable unless you cancel 48 hrs in advance.

  • insurance coverage

    check with your insurance provider or give us a call to discuss what will be covered by insurance. insurance may cover a portion of your treatment depending on your plan, and most tend to cover diagnostic testing. here is a list of questions to ask your insurance about fertility coverage:

    • how do you define infertility?
    • do i need a referral for infertility treatment? can i use the clinic of my choice?
    • what do my benefits cover for infertility diagnosis and infertility treatment?
    • are infertility diagnosis procedures covered (ex: office visits, blood work, ultrasounds)?
    • are infertility treatments covered (ex: intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, cryopreservation)?
    • do i need prior authorization for certain treatments?
    • are fertility drugs covered or reimbursable? are there any exclusions? can i use the pharmacy of my choice?
    • what is my annual or lifetime maximum benefit for infertility treatment?
    • is there an age limit for infertility treatment?
  • payment plans

    paying for fertility services upfront can be expensive. although our treatments are significantly more affordable than traditional clinics, many patients still need assistance. that’s why we’ve partnered with capexMD and future family to offer convenient monthly payment plans to help you cover the cost of your care. at mate, we believe in fertility for all. how’s that for a change?

    ask about our partners:

    future family


  • discount programs

    mate fertility offers special discounts for those with a cancer diagnosis and those who are active military. all of our packages are discounted at 10% for those who meet that criteria.

children are expensive, fertility treatments don't have to be.