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Exceptional fertility care at unbeatable rates

The journey to parenthood shouldn’t require a PhD or a small fortune. Our pricing structure is meticulously crafted to guarantee top-tier treatment, minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses. Together, we aspire to turn your dream of parenthood into a tangible reality. Plus, we won’t hide prices from you, check them out below!

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  • Insurance coverage

    Currently, Mate does not accept national insurance, yet our commitment to accessibility drives us to explore insurance alternatives. Our pricing structure is thoughtfully designed, with prices often beating conventional clinics. Remarkably, even for those with insurance, our prices are often still better than out-of-pocket expenses. Kindbody Benefits and VA insurance are readily accepted here, although it’s regrettable that most national insurance carriers offer very limited infertility coverage. Some confine coverage to diagnostic testing, while others cover medication or a single full round of IVF, but that’s often laden with prerequisites such as mandatory failed IUI attempts before IVF coverage activates – these IUIs entirely funded by you. This not only incurs rapid costs but also consumes precious time, a paramount factor in the infertility journey. In short, a clear solution is elusive. Surprisingly, many individuals with seemingly robust insurance still encounter inadequate coverage. We recommend reaching out to your insurance provider over the phone for a precise understanding, and working with other clinics that do take your insurance. If you would still like to pursue treatment with us we will provide a superbill post-treatment for your claims, though the responsibility for pursuing coverage ultimately rests with you. If your carrier does cover treatment, a superbill is usually sufficient post treatment. Here is a list of questions to ask your insurance about fertility coverage:

    • How do you define infertility?
    • Do I need a referral for infertility treatment? Can I use the clinic of my choice?
    • What do my benefits cover for infertility diagnosis and infertility treatment?
    • Are infertility diagnosis procedures covered (ex: office visits, blood work, ultrasounds)?
    • Are infertility treatments covered (ex: Intrauterine Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Cryopreservation)?
    • Do I need prior authorization for certain treatments?
    • Are fertility drugs covered or reimbursable? Are there any exclusions? Can I use the pharmacy of my choice?
    • What is my annual or lifetime maximum benefit for infertility treatment?
    • Is there an age limit for infertility treatment?
  • Paying for treatment

    Affording fertility services can be a financial challenge. Even though our treatments are considerably more budget-friendly than traditional clinics, many patients still need assistance, and that’s completely normal. To address this, we’ve joined forces with capexMD and Future Family, offering accessible monthly payment plans to help cover your care expenses. At Mate, we’re committed to universal fertility care for all. Ready for a transformative change?

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  • Cancer diagnosis discount

    Mate Fertility offers exclusive discounts to individuals with a cancer diagnosis. We prioritize swift action and immediate treatment in line with your oncologist’s guidance. All our packages are available at a 10% reduced rate for those who meet these qualifications. To qualify, kindly provide a note or after-visit summary from your oncologist.

Financing partners

Financing fertility services upfront and out of pocket can be financially challenging. While our treatments are significantly more cost-effective than those offered by traditional clinics, many patients still require assistance. That’s why we’ve forged strategic partnerships with CapexMD and Future Family, enabling you to cover your care expenses with convenient monthly payment plans. At Mate, our unwavering belief is in universal access. How’s that for meaningful transformation?

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Future Family


You're in good hands

Insurance might provide partial coverage for your treatment or diagnostic testing, contingent upon your specific plan. It’s crucial to understand that fertility care coverage is generally sparse. Presently, Mate Fertility operates on a cash payment basis (we do accept credit cards, cash, or checks); however, we will compile a superbill upon treatment completion for submission to your insurance. Usually insurance companies will reimburse you for what they cover with a superbill, but please call your carrier beforehand to confirm.

We’re lobbying for better fertility coverage

At Mate, we firmly believe that infertility is a genuine medical condition. We understand the challenges posed by many insurance companies, who either provide insufficient coverage or complicate the process. To address this, we’re encouraging proactive engagement with the government via letters expressing your interested in increased mandated coverage.

Join us in making a difference by contacting your state congressperson today by sending them this letter. We’ve provided a template to guide you in composing your message.

We're trying to get fertility coverage as a benefit at your job

We’re actively working on establishing direct partnerships with employers, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring cost savings for you. We’re strong advocates for inclusive fertility benefits being offered by every employer.

Feel empowered to share this template with your HR department now.

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