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At-Home Insemination


At-home insemination allows you to use an FDA-approved syringe for insemination during the woman’s most fertile period, measured with our help, to enhance the chances of conception.

How does the Mate program work?

We will send three FDA-approved insemination kits to your home address. Each kit contains two syringes, giving you six attempts to get pregnant (twice per month). If you wish to try for more than three months, you may order more kits. Throughout your treatment we will guide you as to when to time your attempts, by monitoring the woman’s menstrual cycle. Mate’s kit is designed by women with insight from a fertility specialist and is the first over-the-counter patented syringe designed specifically for at-home insemination.

Who is this treatment best for?

At-home insemination is an option for many people, regardless of their sexual orientation or whether or not they have a partner.

Is there support offered?

You’ll receive detailed instructions in your insemination kits, and you’ll also have unlimited access to our care team throughout treatment for support and guidance. We are committed to your success and are here to address any questions or concerns that may arise during your treatment.

With Mate Fertility’s at-home insemination kit, you can take control of your fertility journey with confidence and convenience. Experience the future of fertility care from the comfort of your own home.