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LGBTQ+ Family Building



At Mate, we recognize that family comes in all shapes and sizes. We are determined to create a welcoming and safe space for all members of the community. Whether you are looking to start your family now or preserve your future fertility, mate will be your partner. Access to fertility services for the lgbtq+ community has been historically inadequate. We are on a mission to widen accessibility and inclusion in fertility care.  

Fertility treatments

A gay couple where both patients were born male may choose to use an egg donor and a gestational carrier. If they choose to have multiple children they may prefer to have their kids come from the same egg donor so that the children are biological siblings. 

A gay couple where both patients were born female may choose to obtain donor sperm and either 1) attempt conception via donor sperm insemination(s) or 2) undergo IVF if needed/if the patient’s desire reciprocal IVF. Reciprocal IVF is a revolutionary treatment option where both partners get to take place in the reproductive process. One patient provides the eggs and the other patient carries the pregnancy. 

A gay unpartnered person assigned female at birth may choose to conceive via donor sperm insemination or IVF if needed.

A gay unpartnered person assigned male at birth may choose to conceive using an egg donor and gestational carrier.

Fertility preservation treatment

A transgender individual who is planning to undergo hormonal or surgical treatment to transition may choose to freeze eggs or sperm prior to this process. 

In certain cases, if a transgender patient has already transitioned, hormonal therapy may need to be paused prior to fertility treatment in order to optimize the ability to obtain sperm or eggs. However, if patients find this undesirable, donor egg, donor sperm or a gestational carrier may be considered.