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donor sperm

couples use donor sperm when the partner has no sperm or a very poor semen analysis (azoospermia, oligospermia, poor motility), or when there is a genetic problem which could be inherited.

why do i need a sperm donor

there are a variety of reasons that couples may need donor sperm. many men can face numerous challenges with sperm quality such as:

  • sperm count and volume
  • sperm motility
  • sperm morphology

every patient undergoing treatment at mate will start with a fertility assessment. part of the fertility assessment will include a sperm analysis. this analysis will help our care team decide if you may need the assistance of a sperm donor. for our lesbian couples, single mothers, and transgender men – using a sperm donor to conceive is a natural part of the family building process.

sperm is necessary for any ivf cycle. the sperm donor is selected by the intended parents. we partner with a number of sperm donor agencies that have a large selection of donated frozen sperm in storage. many couples prefer to use sperm from a known donor too. whatever your preference, we have a large network of healthy donors that want to help you on your path to parenthood.

what are the costs

the cost of donor sperm can vary based on your family planning needs. usually you will have to pay for the vial of sperm and shipping. if you plan on doing one ivf cycle, you may only need 1-2 vials. depending on the sperm bank you choose, this will cost anywhere from $1,000-$2,000. the more vials of sperm you order, the more it will cost. 

finding the right donor

choosing a donor doesn’t have to be difficult. begin with a general search, trying not to be too specific at first. continue narrowing the field as you go on. take the time to look at childhood photos (if offered), personal information, or essays about the life of the donor, and think about certain characteristics you may want your child to have. some cryobanks offer donor counseling sessions in which they help you choose a donor.

are donors screened

all donors will be put through a rigorous screening process before they can even be approved to donate sperm. the fda has certain requirements donors must go through. this includes a donor physical exam, donor questionnaire, medical history, donor infectious laboratory tests at fda-approved laboratory (including CMV and HTlV types I and II, IgM and IgG on sperm source) within 7 days (before or after) of sperm acquisition, and a 6-month quarantine with repeat infectious disease testing,