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medical history + initial consult

getting a detailed medical history is going to allow our care team insight into your past so our doctors can develop your personalized treatment plan and get clarity on your medical history during your initial consult. 

why do i need this

understanding the root cause of your infertility is going to be an important starting base to develop your treatment plan. one-third of the time, infertility is related to the male, one-third to the female, and the other third is unexplained. your medical history and physical can provide important clues to uncovering a diagnosis.

what will it entail

your fertility assessment will include a thorough medical history, a physical exam, and an initial consult with the doctor. it’s important to fill out your entire patient portal before your first appointment, so your doctor has time to review. you’re going to be asked a lot of questions, which we know can be stressful. we may ask questions like:

  • describe your menstrual cycles?
  • do you have irregular periods, how often do you get your period?
  • do you have occurrences of abnormal bleeding or discharge from the vagina?
  • do you have a family history of disorders that can affect reproduction, such as thyroid disease?
  • do you experience pelvic pain?

what do you need to know

when you come in, the team is going to go into some details about your current and past medical history. we do this to paint a clear picture for the doctor. your fertility can be impacted for a variety of reasons, so it’s vital that our team covers a lot in this first visit. we operate in a no judgement zone, so being honest about everything will only help us personalize your fertility treatment more. the doctor will want to know about

  • medications
  • known illnesses, conditions, or diseases
  • family history of birth defects or congenital conditions
  • sexual history, including any stds or prior infections
  • any past pregnancies
  • lifestyle factors like tobacco, alcohol and drug use
  • environmental risk factors

what's next

previous medical history is a very important part of determining your diagnosis. by gathering all of this valuable information, we are uncovering what the cause of your infertility is. this will help you care team order more specific testing and create your personalized path to parenthood.