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Medical History + Initial Consult



Getting a detailed medical history and conducting a thorough exam is going to allow our care team insight into your past so our doctors can develop your personalized treatment plan and get clarity on your medical history during your initial consult.

initial consult

The initial medical consultation is an opportunity to start your reproductive journey. Your physician will cover a few things, such as: discussing your reproductive goals, reviewing your medical history and conducting a complete physician exam. Generally, that includes a transvaginal ultrasound too. This will allow your team to build a personalized reproductive health plan.

medical history

Some of your medical history may be sensitive or difficult to share, such as sexual and psychological history, but being open and honest will help ensure we provide a holistic care plan that will enable you to fulfill your reproductive goals. Everything you share is always strictly confidential and only communicated between healthcare members of your team on a “need to know basis.” Our goal is to create an environment where you feel comfortable and supported so that you can always share your whole truth.