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fertility assessment

for those with a uterus and those with sperm

all of our patients will begin their journey with a fertility assessment. whether you’ve been having trouble conceiving or are just curious about your reproductive health, our assessment will be a great indicator of your fertility potential. the doctors, nurses, and world class staff at mate fertility can be your partner in fertility testing, planning, treatment, and more.

some ways we can help

  • initial consultation
  • diagnostic blood labs
  • diagnostic ultrasounds
  • infectious disease testing
  • 3rd party comprehensive carrier screening
  • semen analysis
  • fertility treatment planning

 the fertility assessment will also help us figure out what, if anything, is wrong, and how to treat it. the amount of testing done differs on a case to case basis, but generally we will perform a series of blood tests to check hormone levels, ultrasounds to check your ovaries and uterus, or a sperm analysis. depending on your individual insurance plan, your assessment may be partially or completely covered by insurance.

good news


get the mate fertility approved, doctor recommended assessment that’s right for you


we’ll work together to design a personalized plan that fits your financial needs.


time to take action, and get support along the way.