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You're in good company

Why Mate?

Think of that dependable friend who effortlessly coordinates every detail, aligns everyone’s efforts, and ensures flawless execution. At Mate, we embody that friend throughout your fertility journey. From egg freezing and fertility assessments to In Vitro Fertilization and beyond, we’re here to guide you.

Surprisingly, nearly 20% of the time, making a baby takes more than two people. However, merely 2% of those grappling with infertility actively pursue treatment. Mate stands for equitable access for all, the era has arrived to democratize fertility care.

As a collective of fertility specialists, we simplify the path to parenthood – making it less difficult, more affordable, and remarkably accessible. Our strategy relies on an interconnected network of fertility centers delivering a fully branded experience led by dedicated experts, clear explanations of advanced treatments, upfront and transparent pricing, all delivered in a welcoming, positive atmosphere.

Embrace your journey with Mate by your side, ensuring every step is defined by clarity, efficiency, and compassion.


One stop
fertility shop
is finally here.

We are

expert + friendly

simple + comprehensive

advanced + affordable

human + tech-enabled

for you + for all

At Mate our team is your team.

Allow us to introduce the trailblazers, the go-getters, and the exceptional individuals who are revolutionizing fertility care, making it more accessible and affordable. Our doctors are the architects of dreams, and our patients serve as their endless inspiration.

Fertility treatment for up to 30% less than other providers

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