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we have partnered with IHD Labs and Posterity Health, who both share a passion for increasing accessibility to fertility care. with our at home tests, you and your partner can get a better understanding of your current reproductive health. it’s important to understand that at this time we can’t use any at home testing results in the clinic. if you come in for treatment, we will have to redo all tests.

what’s in my ovarian reserve kit?

(coming soon)

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ovarian reserve test (coming soon)

In partnership with IHD, we’ve created an ovarian reserve test which measures Anti-Mullerian Hormone, or AMH. This test shows how many potential eggs could be retrieved during an ovarian stimulation cycle. It’s very important to recognize that this test does not measure your natural fertility or tell us anything about your egg quality, which is much more important for conception and fertilization in an IVF cycle. This test is to empower and educate you, it is not a fertility test.

sperm test

The sperm test includes a telehealth appointment with a fertility specialist following your at home semen analysis. The telehealth appointment includes Fertility 101, an interactive discussion which provides the post sex-ed material you need to understand anatomy and the steps you can take to optimize your sperm quality. The specialist will also discuss lifestyle and behavioral activities that can impact your fertility along with recommendations to improve your chances of conception.

At mate, it is our mission to make fertility care accessible and affordable. We believe that becoming educated about reproductive health can empower you to make informed decisions about your reproductive goals.

Kit Details:


Ovarian Reserve Test: (coming soon)

Instructions for how to take the test are provided in the kit in addition to the return label. After you take the test all you have to do is drop the test off at your nearest UPS. The ovarian reserve kit measures AMH, or Anti-Mullerian Hormone. AMH is a hormone produced by granulosa cells, or cells in the ovary that nurture and support developing eggs. Your AMH level is one in a series of tests that are used to estimate the number of eggs that may grow during an ovarian stimulation cycle (when hormones are injected to stimulate egg production), which is done as a part of an egg freezing, embryo freezing, or in-vitro fertilization treatment.

This helps physicians estimate how many eggs may be retrieved at the time of an egg retrieval. Although many factors determine the success of a treatment, the number of eggs can impact the probability of a successful treatment outcome. Your AMH does not tell us anything about your natural fertility or egg quality. Age is the best predictor of egg quality. AMH does not change during your menstrual cycle, so the blood sample can be taken at any time of the month – even while you are using oral contraceptives.

Sperm Testing Kit and Tele-Fertility™ Appointment:

Our at home semen analysis kit is delivered directly to your front door. You simply complete the collection in the privacy of your home and Fedex the kit to the lab. The test is FDA approved and doctor recommended. Next you’ll book a Tele-Fertility™ appointment with a Fertility Specialist: (Consult fee value of $150, but we’re offering it for free!)

Let’s be honest, getting in with a fertility specialist near you can take months. With Posterity Health and Mate Fertility, a Tele-Fertility™ appointment can be scheduled in 72 hours. Our fertility specialists:

  • Take the time to explain the sperm’s role in conception via our Fertility 101 module—everything you didn’t learn in sex ed!
  • Discuss your semen analysis results and provide information on how you can improve your sperm quality.

If the results are abnormal, don’t panic, this is common! Many semen analyses are abnormal, and most can be treated. You’ll receive a playbook with the information you need to focus on lifestyle and behavioral changes that can impact your fertility and sperm status.

Your at home analysis kit report will provide a ton of useful information including a detailed interpretation of your results, interesting facts, and helpful tips on how to keep your sperm healthy and happy. We will be measuring the following: volume, concentration, count, motility, total motile count, and morphology. That may sound confusing, but don’t worry, all will be explained in your test results and FREE Tele-Fertility™ appointment.