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fertility is a science. and we take it seriously.
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not your average fertility specialists. not your average results.

the mate difference. patient over profit.

our chief medical officer's success rates double the national average.

  • team of providers
    vs. one provider

    we’ve all heard the saying, “it’s important to get a second opinion.” at mate fertility we take that very seriously. not only does your team consist of your local provider and nurse, we have a national team of world renowned and award winning doctors and nurses to offer advice, second opinions, and validate findings at every turn. every fertility case our doctors take on is taken very seriously so you know you’ll have multiple sets of eyes checking on your care throughout your entire journey, ensuring the highest success rate possible.

  • decades of propietry techniques
    vs. textbook training

    our chief medical team has been in the fertility space for decades. in fact dr. steinberg and dr. schmidt were some of the first doctors to bring ivf to the united states over 30 years ago. together they have taken on thousands of cases, meaning there isn’t anything they haven’t seen. they have treated some of the most complicated fertility cases in the world and have developed proprietary techniques during procedures and in the lab that ensure embryos have the highest likelihood of survival. this is knowledge that can’t be taught in a classroom or from a textbook, and we’re applying all of that experience to you.

  • technology enabled care
    vs. paper files + fax machines

    you’ll find that many legacy fertility doctors still operate in a world that has moved on without them. today, technology and patient experience are at the forefront of everything we do. many older clinics still operate with pen and paper, fax machines, and legacy lab equipment. they are resistant to change. at mate fertility our entire clinic is technology enabled and our labs are built with the most state of the art modern equipment. this allows us to minimize wait times, eliminate mistakes, centralize data, and deliver the highest quality of care.

  • e-pharmacy with 24/7 support, training + drugs delivered to your door
    vs. waiting in line at the drug store + hard to follow instructions

    all of our pharmacy partners have developed proprietary applications and supply chains to ensure your medication can be delivered directly to your door. our pharmacy partners have on call pharmacists and fertility advisors to discuss any medications, injections, or directions. our medications are delivered where, when, and how you want with a  concierge service designed to provide you with the best experience possible.

  • one stop fertility shop
    vs. doctor shopping + one and done

    we’re your partner from the very beginning of your fertility journey. whatever you need we are here to help. at mate fertility you have a team of transparent, mission driven, honest doctors around the country providing you with expert care. no more doctor shopping for the lowest rate because at mate our rates will always be lower and our team will always be better. even after you’ve achieved a pregnancy, our providers can offer obgyn care all the way up to delivery and after.

  • mission driven
    vs. profit driven

    our mission at mate fertility is simple. create a simpler way to go from “i want a baby” to “i’m a parent.” everything we do revolves around making the process simple, easy to understand, transparent, and honest. that includes offering lower cost ivf and opening clinics around the block, not a world away. we are driven by breaking down barriers built by traditional clinics and removing obstacles to make your dreams come true.

  • affordable pricing
    vs. inflatable pricing

    prices are driven by supply and demand. when there is limited supply and significant demand, prices increase. this pattern runs rampant in the fertility space. limited supply and high demand enable legacy clinics to continually raise prices. by increasing the supply of fertility clinics and challenging traditional pricing strategies, mate fertility offers treatment 40% lower than traditional clinics.

  • convenient access
    vs. limited access

    there are only 480 fertility clinics in the us, while almost 20% of individuals suffer from some form of infertility. the lack of access to care is astounding. many of these existing clinics exist in very large, metropolitan cities like la, ny, sf, or chi. traditional fertility doctors avoid all other cities because they can’t make as much profit. mate fertility puts clinics right at the heart of everyday cities and towns. no more driving hours or flying across the country to see your fertility doctor, we’re putting the clinic down the road. 

  • world class lab
    vs. basic lab

    when it comes to fertility, science has changed a lot over the last few decades. that also means the lab equipment and machinery has changed too. many traditional fertility clinics haven’t updated their equipment in years due to the cost and time it takes to replace old equipment. every mate fertility lab is being custom built from the ground up with the world’s most advanced and modern technology available.