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what is mate fertility?


We’re revolutionizing access to fertility care and we’re the only ones in the world doing it like this. We partner with  incredible, passionate, and industry leading Ob/Gyns in traditionally underserved fertility markets, or fertility deserts, as we call it. We upskill and enable Ob/Gyns to offer full service infertility treatments from IVF, Genetic Screening, Egg Freezing, Donor Services, LGBTQ+ Care, and Surrogacy. Once an Ob/Gyn joins our ecosystem we will take you, or a designated doctor, through our comprehensive training academy where you’ll learn how to do egg retrievals, embryo transfers, and stimulation management.

We will build a state-of-the-art embryology lab in your clinic and hire you an extremely skilled embryologist. You will have full access to our team of accomplished, forward thinking Reproductive Endocrinologists and Fertility RNs throughout our entire partnerships. The financial upside for partnering with Mate is tremendous, plus you finally get to offer full service care to all your patients.

all encompassing care

ObGyns are extremely skilled physicians and it doesn’t make sense that they treat patients before their pregnancy, during their pregnancy and after their pregnancy, but they can’t help get their patients pregnant. we talk to ObGyns everyday who refer out dozens of patients a week to REIs. they could and should be capturing that revenue and providing that care themselves. most ObGyns want to be able to provide fertility treatment for their patients, but there are too many barriers to entry. mate fertility knocks down those barriers and allows our partner ObGyns to provide full service infertility treatment to their patients. it just makes sense.

Your time.
Your goals.
You're the boss.

Our Services

we offer a turnkey fertility solution

Lab build-out & retrofit 

We will build out a fully functioning embryology lab equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in addition to retrofitting any necessary exam, procedure, or waiting rooms. You will also become part of the Mate brand, so we’ll make sure you have all of the swag, collateral, and assets needed to embody our cultural values. Having a consistent brand identity across all our clinics is a critical part of our vision.

Up-skilling & training throughout partnership

Once you join our ecosystem, we will immediately kick off implementation and training. We will take you and your staff through the Mate Academy led by your implementation manager, our clinical staff educator, and our REIs. Our incredible team will start with the basics and cover everything from the initial workup to complex cases. You will get a ton of hands on training until you feel comfortable performing procedures on your own. We will help you hire an embryologist for your lab plus any other ancillary staff you may need. Our PhD lab director will oversee your lab and ensure you are compliant with all appropriate accreditations in addition to submitting necessary documentation to the CDC and SART for reporting purposes.

Patient acquisition, screening, & support through top of funnel marketing & PRC

Our team consists of marketing and brand experts that have helped launch companies like Hims, Warby Parker, and Casper. They’ve worked on campaigns for some of the largest and most well respected brands in the world like Target and Coca-Cola. Our team will handle all top of funnel patient acquisition and marketing, but we go a step further. Our patient relations center handles all initial screening conversations ensuring we’re providing you with the highest quality patients. Our Mate Fertility Advisors follow your patients throughout their journey, answer any questions, schedule appointments, and help convert them to treatment. It’s said that fertility patients need 7 points of communication in order to convert, and we handle almost all of them.

Billing services & financial consultations

Financial conversations can be intimidating for patients and clinics, but our team handles all of those conversations for you. Our Mate Financial Advisors work directly with patients to discuss financing options, payment plans, and collections. We help patients understand their loan options, file for reimbursements, and our billing team will create a super-bill for your patients to submit to insurance. Our billing team handles collections, reconciliations, and follow ups.

Ongoing monitoring & training

After clinic launch you will work very closely with your RN Account Manager, a fertility nurse who has at least 5 years of IVF Coordination experience. That nurse will be your customer success manager, to help with any challenges or problems that arise day-to-day. They will closely monitor stimulations and patient care. A Mate REI will also run point on stimulation management for patients in addition to continuous learning for you. They will help make any adjustments to medications so our patients get the best results possible. It’s very important that you have REI oversight for all your cases.

Software platform access

Once you’ve joined the Mate Fertility ecosystem, we will onboard you and your staff to our EMR platform. We’ve partnered with Artisan, one of the top fertility EMR systems in the country, to support all Mate Fertility clinics. We will also provide you with all of the necessary documentation, consents, and contracts needed to provide fertility treatment. We will make sure you and your staff are fully onboarded and trained on our system before launch.

Remote IVF coordination

Quality patient care and results are at the forefront of everything we do and IVF Coordinators can be a very difficult position to fill. It’s vital to have a fully trained RN working with all fertility patients and managing cycles. That’s why we provide virtual IVF Coordination services for your clinic. Often the most challenging part of fertility care can be the nursing aspect. We have a rigorous interview process and only hire the best IVF Coordinators out there to support your patients. Any supporting staff like an MA or Phlebotomist you have can be repurposed and trained by our team.

joining the mate ecosystem

  1. Operate in at least a 2 physician practice
  2. Must be able to dedicate at least 1.2 FTE to fertility (can hire someone new)
  3. Minimum of 350 sq. ft for an embryology lab
  4. Minimum of 2,000 sq. ft for total clinic (existing clinic can be dual purposed)
  5. Option to rent new clinic space if can’t meet 2 requirements above
  6. Be passionate about learning a new skill and speciality
How to sign up
  1. Fill out the form below or call 330-234-7899
  2. Set up a call with our sales and leadership team
  3. If there could be a fit, you will connect with our implementation team
  4. You’ll then have a call with our clinical team
  5. We will do onsite visits to assess your space
  6. Contract signature