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surrogacy allows many partners or individuals to have a child with the assistance from an egg donor, and/or surrogate. prior to embryo transfer, the sperm donor, the egg donor, and the surrogate will each undergo diagnostic testing, and preimplantation genetic screening to ensure a healthy procedure every step of the way. 

many times, the surrogate is not the same person as the egg donor. there are some instances where this person is the same, but in most cases the surrogate and egg donor are not the same. we are working on partnering with a number of healthy in-house surrogates, in addition to the various surrogate agencies we partner with. if your eggs are viable but you are not able to carry a baby to full term, then a surrogate would be the best option. if you are a single male or in a same sex male partnership, then you would require the assistance of a surrogate as well.