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long beach, ca

2777 long beach blvd #200, 90806

sensational news
we're coming to california
opening early 2022

take a peak inside

we're excited to meet you

you heard it here first, mate is coming to the west coast. are you tired of overpriced la fertility clinics that only cater to the 1%? well, your mate is here to provide accessible, affordable, quality, personalized, and world class care at our brand new facility. your mate long beach care team will be here early 2022. our gorgeous clinic is being built right now! mate long beach will provide full service, one stop fertility care, including ivf, genetic screening, egg freezing, embryo banking and more. we’re building a pretty cool snack bar too.

we're different on paper and in practice

one stop fertility shop

we’re your partner from the very beginning of your fertility journey. whether it’s advice, answers, or medications, we’re here for everything you need. we offer a full suite of advanced reproductive treatments (a.r.t)

affordable pricing

for years, limited supply and high demand has given legacy fertility clinics the green light to raise prices. by increasing the supply of fertility clinics and challenging traditional pricing strategies, mate treatments are up to 40% lower than traditional clinics.

convenient access

20% of the population experiences some form of infertility. and there are only 450 fertility clinics in the u.s. talk about inconvenience. that’s why we’re opening clinics in real, local, american cities.

mission, not profit driven

our mission is straightforward: to create a simpler way to go from “i want a baby” to “i’m a parent.” and everything we do reflects that. transparent information and pricing, an easy process, and honest explanations from experts. from lowering the cost of ivf to opening clinics just around the block, we’re lowering all the obstacles to starting a family.

accepting patients 2022