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fairfax, virginia fertility clinic

2810 old lee hwy #305, fairfax, va 22031

coming to your backyard summer 2023

welcome to mate fertility northern virginia

high-quality fertility care coming to fairfax virginia; delivered in a warm and welcoming environment provided by clinicians who take the time to listen and customize treatment plans based on your fertility goals.

The Mate Fertility Process shown within a diagram

we’re the new kids on the block, but we’re bringing the same trusted processes to deliver an experience you can trust. we specialize in finding that balance between innovation and compassion. all of our technology, equipment and protocols exist at the forefront of scientific innovation and we follow the highest standard of practice in the world, created by asrm (american society for reproductive medicine). our embryology lab is being built with the most advanced technology in the field and your fairfax clinicians are experts in empathetic medicine.

we surround you with a support system and encourage you to have a voice during one of the most pivotal moments in your life. we know this isn’t going to be easy, but we hope to make this road a little smoother. your fairfax clinic doors will open in spring 2023, but feel free to reach out with any inquires beforehand, as we will have a waiting list coming shortly.

it's how we're different that counts


babies are expensive enough, trying to have one shouldn’t be. making treatment affordable in virginia is at the heart of what we do. that’s why mate packages include everything, without hidden fees or surprise add-ons…parenthood has enough surprises.


you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. when you call our care navigators, you become our number one priority, so we make it our goal to over-communicate and always respond with kindness. we call you whenever you need us and sometimes when you don’t need us.


no more kicking, screaming, or scrolling for answers. we’re upfront and honest about the costs, time, and rollercoaster of emotions involved in this difficult process. this is a partnership and we try to build that trust with you from the very start with full transparency.

855-508-mate, we’re in virginia and ready to help.

short wait times. see your doctor fast.

book a free convenient call with your personal care navigator and get all your burning infertility treatment questions answered. no pressure, low stakes, on your time. we won’t be taking new patients for our fairfax virginia clinic until early 2023, but we’re always happy to answer questions you may have until then.

fertility treatment for patients struggling with

painful periods

painful periods may be a symptom of underlying undiagnosed (or diagnosed) conditions that can impact fertility. common diseases like polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos) or endometriosis can be very painful, but we have special protocols designed for those struggling with conditions that can cause infertility.

irregular periods

irregular periods that are especially long, short, or nonexistent can also be a symptom of underlying conditions that can affect your fertility. you may also experience heavy or especially light bleeding that accompanies irregular periods. fertility treatments can be designed around these conditions and we will take special precautions not to trigger symptoms.

sperm concerns

30% of the time, infertility is due to abnormal sperm. we perform specialized procedures that can locate individual sperm in the testes; then your embryologist will perform icsi (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) to implant one healthy sperm into an egg, increasing its likelihood of fertilization for those with abnormal sperm.

why mate

respectful bedside manner

we know that fertility treatments are very tough and infertility itself is a devastating disease to cope with. we don’t pretend to know exactly what you’re feeling, however, we promise that you will always be treated with kindness, compassion, respect, and dignity at mate, virginia.

prompt scheduling

we know that time is critical when you’re trying to conceive, so we will be mindful to get your doctor appointment on your timeline. we don’t want you waiting months or jumping through hoops to schedule treatment. however, we won’t be seeing virginia patients until feb-march 2023, so please reach out to another clinic if you need to see a doctor today.

exceptional nursing

your fertility nurse is arguably the most important person during your treatment and we make sure to hire highly qualified fertility nurses to oversee your treatment. your fairfax nurse will be your rock and biggest advocate. rest assured they will be kind, caring, and quick to return calls.

affordable & innovative

our brand new onsite state-of-the-art embryology lab in fairfax will deliver personalized fertility packages that don’t have to break the bank. your lab has been built with the utmost attention to detail and is bringing the latest technology to your treatment. the lab is where we make your embryos, so it’s especially critical to follow all fertility lab guidelines.

partner in care

we’re always looking to improve our patient experience, so we’ve added extra layers of support during your treatment. from working 1:1 with a patient care navigator, to having an always-available nurse you can call. we will always be in your corner, supporting you during this special time. we prioritize not only physical health, but mental health too.

mission driven

affordable, accessible, and equitable: from transparent pricing and easy-to-understand processes, we believe in fertility for all. we started mate with this mission and it drives all our decisions.

we're comprehensive and we know it

to put it simply: we provide world-class care with exceptional doctors and nurses. we obsess over patient experience and clinical pregnancy rates, ensuring that we’re delivering an experience you’re proud of provided by people you trust. your fairfax team has been trained by elite experts and is regarded as best-in-class.


if you’ve been struggling to conceive we recommend giving us a ring. infertility rates are on the rise, but we’re here to help.


consult with your expanded mate team that includes your care navigator, nurse, doctor, and so many more. we’re all in your corner and here to help.


our goal is to get you a baby as quickly as you want. we try not to waste your time with unnecessary tests or treatments that slow down the process. you’re in the driver’s seat, we’re the engine.


how much does ivf cost in va?

that’s going to depend on the fertility clinic you choose, but we have painstakingly created our pricing in northern virginia to ensure we’re at least more affordable than any clinic within a 50 mile radius. other virginia clinics in the area can cost upwards of $25,000-$30,000 / cycle. when you’re searching for prices, it’s important to understand exactly what is and what is not included in your quote, because clinics may try to penny-pinch.

what insurance covers ivf in va?

because we’re so much more affordable than other clinics, mate fertility is a cash pay clinic. insurance carriers can be a massive hassle and cause even more problems for patients. insurance coverage for infertility is known to be paltry and patients often end up wasting many months trying to navigate the insurance landscape. it’s our current unfortunate reality but insurance companies will do almost anything to not cover ivf. as ivf becomes more common we hope to see insurance companies covering more treatments, but we will provide you with a superbill after treatment to submit for reimbursement.

what are some services mate offers?

mate fairfax is a full-service infertility treatment clinic. after reviewing your medical history we offer everything from iui, ivf, genetic testing, single parent family building, and so much more. we also support the use of donors. whether you need to use donor sperm or a frozen donor egg. fertility medication, like injectable hormones are used in many of our treatments. if you need to use a third party to build your healthy family, we can help direct you to a gestational carrier agency.